In the Name of God


Over the past few decades, the founders of our institution were concerned about the overall growth for girls in our nation. This growth includes physical, logical, emotional, ethical, moral, political, social, and cultural aspects that plays an integral role in the development of young girls in the present and women, wives, mothers, doctors, engineers and leaders in the future. As a result, our aims, concerns and responsibilities lead to the establishment of our institution, Rahe Shyestegan Cultural Institute for Girls.

Since the beginning of our foundation, the aim was to avoid the distinction of science from practice. In order to abstain from this distinction, we started to provide all necessary tools and equipments that will strengthen the connection between theory and action. We began to supply the best and most up-to-date facilities for academics, athletics and arts. These include various laboratories for physics, chemistry, and biology, arts and crafts workshops, machine and computer learning facilities, kitchen and tools for cooking and catering, gardening facilities, several libraries throughout the building as well as various sport centers and athletic facilities such as aerobics, gymnasium, fitness class and a swimming pool to name a few. Furthermore, in order to bridge the gap between science and practice, we chose the most elite staff, teachers and specialists which would assist in educating our students in the most constructive manner.

With respect to maintaining our vision, the institution created a statute and formal memorandum as follows:

‘This organization is established as a non-profit public entity that shares no personal or private ownership and the income earned from this institution is spent towards the development and improvement of Rahe Shayestegan.’

Consequently, this resulted in the establishment of Rahe Shayestegan Cultural Institute for Girls in 1372 and continues to provide services in academics, athletics and arts. It is important to mention that all members of the board of trustees and the board of directors are volunteers of this extensive organization with one shared goal: to help in growing and developing the future of women in our society.

Board of Trustees of Rahe Shayestegan Cultural Institute for Girls

It is important to mention that:

The founders of our institution were aiming to establish such facilities as mentioned above pre-Islamic revolution. In essence, the core establishment of our institution was in 1358. However, after 14 years due to many events that occurred within our institution, every single staff and student who were a part of our original organization, except for 16 students, left the previous establishment to join our more advanced and newly developed organization: Rahe Shayestegan Cultural Institute for Girls which was formed in 1372.